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Located at DC West Middle School

Pictured on the Left:

Mark Hansen - 

Vice President 


Both Dan and Mark are eager to answer any questions about National Robotics Academy or general questions about robotics. They were both involved in the Academy since it was established in 2011 and are very passionate about the benefit of today's generation growing in skills they don't learn in school. 

How to Become Involved 

Become a Student -

Many schools may not have a robotics program and some schools may not show an interest in gaining a program. The immediate answer is to contact us and we will do our best to get them on one of our teams. Each student pays a base tuition in order to help pay for robotic competitions for the year and parts for the robots. The academy's best interest is in the student and we are a non-profit organization. 

Become a Mentor -

Do you have experience in the Engineering, Trades, Marketing, or Programming world? Are you interested in helping the next generation grow within your field? You may make a great mentor to these students in answering any questions they may have! Please take time to fill out the form below and we will get back to you withing 2-3 business days.

Become a National Robotics Academy School or Team -

We are always interested in growing our organization to continue the growth of robotics for this generation. If you are interested in becoming a school robotics program or team overseen by the Academy, please take time to fill out the form below. We will contact you within 2-3 business days to discuss more details!

Bring Robotics to My Middle/High School - 

One of our main goals is to continue the growth of robotics and give as many students as possible the opportunity to grow within the field. A robotics program isn't offered in every school. If your simply interested in bringing robotics to your school, please fill out the form below. We will get back to you within 2-3 business days in order to discuss details and hopefully set up a presentation for your school board!

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How to Find Us

Pictured on the Right:

Dan Maline - 

President / Founder