Why Choose Us?

What does the Academy Do?

The National Robotics Academy is a one-of-a-kind organization. We have no better interest than that of our students and community. Our program has proven to work with having a world-qualifying team every year, multiple national-qualifying and champion teams, multiple state-qualifying and champion teams. We have a "hands off" mentoring program for our students which allows the student to grasp new challenges and retain more knowledge.

Please take a second to take out the "Contact Form" under the "Get Involved" page to get into contact with our organization. We will let students and parents observe our program or ask any questions they would like!

How it all began:

The National Robotics Academy was established in 2011. The current Vice President (Mark) and a group of friends had an interest in creating a team after they had left middle school robotics and were all going to separate high schools.. They approached they're middle school robotics coach and teacher, Dan Maline (President). Dan listened and created a much greater vision. What started out as a group of kids wanting to create a team, turned into an organization designed to benefit this generation with the technology experience to succeed in the future. Shortly after the National Robotics Academy was created and received 501c3 status as a non-profit business.

The Academy has multiple services. Our primary goal is to bring technology to tomorrow's leaders. Being a truly non-profit business, we have no interest besides the benefit of our students and the community. For our students, we offer the opportunity to compete in the Vex Robotics competition. The platform for the competition changes each year in order to challenge the students to create a new design for each game. Our teams compete in 5-7 competitions per year. This year's game is given in the link below.

Our best interest and investment is in the students, whether they are enrolled in our program or not. We also give presentations to many local schools to bring robotics into that school system.