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Robotics Academy below!!

"Our Mission is to bring technology to tomorrow's leaders!"


" The National Robotics Academy has completely changed my life for the better. When I first knew Mr. Dan Maline (the President), I was a kid who had a hard time focusing in the classroom. Rarely did I feel challenged with the basic school subjects and started to act out in school in response. Mr. Maline was the only teacher at the time to truly give me a chance. He told me to try robotics and for the first time I finally felt challenged by something. I became intrigued in robotics and with his guidance I became a National Champion, a World Qualifier, and held the title of Programming Champion in Iowa and Nebraska. In my final year in robotics, I was 42nd out of 15,000 teams world-wide in programming skills on a one-man team.  Mr. Maline and the Academy not only gave me a chance, but they helped me find my passion. I am now going on my second year enrolled in Mechanical Engineering. Over the summers, I hold a internship with 3M, one of the world leaders in automation of mass production machines. Thanks to Mr. Maline and the Academy, I was not only given a chance, I was given my future ." 

-Mark Hansen (Former Student and Current Vice President) 

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